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1. BE YOURSELF! It's the only way you will attract your Most Eligible! Remember, BE YOU! Everyone else is taken! 

2. GET ACQUAINTED! Get to know the people you chat with as much as you can through interaction! We strongly suggest that you use our VOICE CALL and VIDEO CHAT features and enjoy a little virtual dating BEFORE you decide to meet someone in person. 

3. AVOID GETTING TOO PERSONAL! You don't want to give too much information upfront! Pace yourself. 

4. Keep an OPEN mind! Have a good time!

5. DISCONNECT! Avoid using the app/site while you're on a date with someone. Enjoy being present with who you are with.

6. NO GHOSTING NECESSARY. If someone isn't your type, it's ok to say that. 

7. PAY ATTENTION to red flags! Someone pressuring you to meetup, asking for money, seemingly married etc.... Don't ignore the signs and if you are in doubt, just wait it out. 

8. CHOICE OVERLOAD is real. Avoid entertaining too many options at one time. It may make it harder for you to focus on building anything with any one! 

9.  REPORT any bullies, scammers through our Contact us page

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